Beaches, Toronto

The Toronto Beach, or "The Beaches" as it is often referred to, stretch from Coxwell Ave. to Victoria Park Ave. on the east side of Toronto. In the heart of the beaches you find Queen street east. If you are to visit Toronto you will most likely hit Queen on your way to Chinatown or Kensington Market, but make sure to take the streetcar eastbound as well.  What makes Queen east stand out is its large variety of specialty stores and independent little boutiques (amazing naturally made ice-cream for one). It's a welcomed sight in a city full of major brand names and malls. Right north of Queen you find Kingston Road where the atmosphere continues to some extent, and right south of Queen east you find The Beach. The Beach originated in the early 1900s, but the current beach was artificially enlarged and made continuous in 1930 with the use of wooden groynes (partially seen in the picture). The public boardwalk and facilities were officially opened to the public in 1932. As I am fortunate enough to be based at Lawlor and Kingston, just a short walk from The Beach, I often find myself wandering along the boardwalk to clear my thoughts or to sit and read Tales of the Otori.

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Anonymous said...

Tales of the Otori!!! you found the other two books in the trilogy?? :D (i still have not found them yet... boo-yaw)

ESPN said...

I found the other two books, and as it turns out there is at least five. The second book is a little slower, but still an excellent read. The third book is as, if not more so, fantastic as the first.
I managed to find them in Canada. I actually thought of sending them to you, but since you don't have an address I traded them in at a second-hand bookstore..

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